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Boil your pudding instructions

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CHRISTMAS PUDDING Pudding (boiling kit included)

Storage Instructions:

If freezing, remove calico and place pudding directly into freezer in its vacuum sealed bag.
If storing in the fridge, remove calico bag and place directly in to the fridge, turn the pudding daily to ensure liquid is evenly disbursed.
Keep calico and string to heat on the day you wish to serve.

Heating and Serving Instructions:

For best results on the day the pudding is to be eaten – Remove vacuum seal bag.  Rinse calico cloth under hot water and place cloth over a large bowl, line the calico with two long pieces of grease proof paper in a cross position. Place thawed pudding into middle and pull up sides of paper and secure making water tight, with an elastic band or string. Then pull up calico and secure with string also. 

Using a large pot suspend pudding so it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot. Use a string and tie it to the handles or alternatively use large skewers to suspend across the top of the pot. Insert the skewers under the string to do this. See website for more details.

Add boiling water and fill to approx. 3cm below string line. Bring water and pudding to the boil then reduce to a simmer for 1 hour.

Ensure the water level is maintained about 3cm from the pudding tie. 

When finished, remove water from pot and allow pudding to strain/stand by leaving suspended in pot, hang and cool for 30 mins. remove calico and paper before slicing and serve with custard and cream.

Alternatively slice pudding directly from fridge and heat individually. Serve warm with coconut custard.

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