IMPORTANT: If you have any health issues or concerns about changing your diet, always seek medical advice from a health care professional.
By opening the seal of any SeedsOfLife product; the consumer accepts sole responsibility for the use and consumption of that product.
SeedsOfLife Australia makes no claims about the health benefits of any of our products.
·      At SeedsOfLife We value healthy nutrition for all of our Customers; so we guarantee the high-quality and integrity of our Australian made and sourced Products.
·      At SeedsOfLife We stand by our promise to guarantee the high quality of all seed and nut products, in writing.
·      SeedsOfLife is 100% Australian owned and operated and is passionately committed to designing and delivering only the highest quality seed and nut products at all times.
·      SeedsOfLife Guarantees our Products meet the highest quality standards for the life of all products used in all pre-made, breads, loaves, cookies, cakes and premixes.
·      If you have any issues about the quality of any SeedsOfLife™ product; please email full details along with your contact number to; we will be happy to resolve your concerns.